Manga x Manga

A Manga Reader App for iOS Devices (11.0+) and MacOS (Catalina+).

Library Tracking/Following

Follow series and track your reading progress in your library, search, and sort within it. View your library in list or a resizable grid view.

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Online and offline reading/browsing from an ever expanding list of sources, including MangaDex, Manganelo, and MangaPark.

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Customizable UI themes/modes in settings and customizable reading preferences and modes including paged and longstrip.

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Reading Recommendations

Manga reading recommendations, updated periodically with new goodies. Themed reading lists, newly updated lists, works of accomplished authors.

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Import your own manga files in .zip format! Smart import will automatically figure out what you're adding! Rename the manga if it doesn't correctly figure it out.

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Quality of Life

Various QOL features - On chapter list pages you can view chapters in list/grid to save scrolling time, filter by languages, sort, and jump scroll to a specific chapter.

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